Mayor's Task Force

In January 2015, Mayor John Tory established the Mayor’s Task Force on Toronto Community Housing, led by former City of Toronto Mayor, Senator Art Eggleton.

The Task Force was asked to offer advice on how to strengthen and support the delivery of housing to Toronto Community Housing residents in the areas of operations and delivery, partnerships and innovation, capital revitalization and new development, and governance. One of the six Task Force members was Muna Mohammed, long-time Tenant Representative of the Jane/Firgrove community.

The Task Force held five public meetings to hear from Toronto Community Housing residents. It also received input from almost 100 stakeholder groups and housing experts from Canada and around the world. Toronto Community Housing prepared and delivered more than 40 presentations and responded to more than 150 information requests to help the Task Force members learn in depth about the operations and governance of the company.

On July 15, 2015, the Task Force submitted an interim report to Mayor Tory entitled Improved Living at Toronto Community Housing: Priority Action. The Task Force called on Toronto Community Housing to develop action plans within 60 days to address immediate concerns identified by residents in four key areas: safety and security, building conditions, jobs and opportunities for residents, and training for staff and contractors.

Toronto Community Housing presented its action plans, entitled Getting it done: Real change at Toronto Community Housing, to Mayor Tory and the Task Force on September 10, 2015. The action plans included work that was already underway or planned, plus additional work that could be prioritized immediately or in the short term to bring about sustained positive changes for the benefit of residents. Of the 71 specific projects in the report, 32 were to be completed in 2015, and 19 in 2016. The remaining 20 projects could not be carried out under Toronto Community Housing’s current budget and would require additional funding from the City or through partnerships.

The Task Force presented its final report to the Mayor on January 26, 2016. The report found that many of the problems faced by Toronto Community Housing were a result of inadequate funding for operations, capital repairs and services for vulnerable residents. The report also listed 29 recommendations that could both improve the ability of Toronto Community Housing to better serve residents and transform social housing within the City of Toronto as a whole. City of Toronto staff are studying the report and will be doing an interim report in the spring of 2016 and bringing a plan to Toronto City Council for approval in the fall.