Executive Leadership Team

Our executive leadership team is responsible for the strategic management of the corporate and operational functions of the company and its subsidiaries.

  • Greg Spearn (Officer)
    President and Chief Executive Officer (Interim)
    Vice President and Chief Development Officer
  • Simone Atungo
    Vice President, Resident and Community Services (Acting)
  • Cathy Barker (Officer)
    Vice President, Human Resources
  • Leslie Gash
    Vice President, Development (Acting, effective February 2016)
  • Rose-Ann Lee (Officer)
    Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer (Acting)
  • Wayne Tuck (Officer)
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Ismail Ibrahim (Officer)
    General Counsel and Corporate Secretary (Acting)
  • Graham Leah
    Vice President, Asset Management
  • Sheila Penny
    Vice President, Facilities Management


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